Past Pupil Programme

In partnership with NMU Alumni

The first phase of the Napdi/NMU Past Pupil Programme involved general workshops in collaboration with the DoE to inform schools in general about the value of considering past pupils as a resource to assist in the development of schools in various ways eg acting as role models, mentors, donors, connecting the school with donors, helping maintain the school and supporting school projects in general.

Broad strategic objectives of the Past Pupil Programme
⦁ Schools have to write up their own history (understanding where they come from)
⦁ Schools have to supply their vision and schools (knowing where they going)
⦁ Schools have to provide information on notable past pupils (a sense of pride)
⦁ Schools have to provide information on planned events (a vibrant school)
⦁ Schools have to provide information on how past pupils can assist. (school development)

Programme outcomes
Workshops will be held for schools in the metro to share information on the benefits of
past pupil programmes (+/-250-300 participants). In addition websites will be
set-up for the high schools and targeted primary schools (based on available funds)
of the Northern areas, to serve as an information source regarding the past achievements
, present activities and future vision of the school.

For more information contact: Paul Geswindt – – 041-5043935